Facebook Event Page Guide

Tips that dig beneath the obvious for unpaid facebook content management.

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The benefits of promoting an event page are endless. Let’s talk about the features in comparison to a page. Every post you and others make on an event page reaches 100% of the RSVPs via a notification. Events automatically send out notifications when the event gets closer. You can pin your posts as well as your about section, so that everyone has to view this content before engaging with the event page further.

Oftentimes people will not want to go to an event alone, and will invite and tag their friends, as well as share the event. An event page is the best way to have your audience organically advertise on your behalf without even realizing it.

Event pages do not have to be for just events. If your business has an announcement to make, you can spread out the duration of the event so the page stays longer. Your mass invite get’s your announcement or offer out to 100% of your audience. Event pages that are hosted by your facebook business page will link back to the page, which will increase your page’s audience.

Event Page Management & Promotion

You will want to ensure your event page has clear content for your audience. If you are selling tickets, or just want further exposure, add an eventbrite or ticket page link to your about section. Even if you are not selling tickets, adding the extra event listing will boost your exposure. Link to your email list or a form fill to generate leads in exchange for an offer related to the event.

Creating Sub-Promoters

If you are working with another company, organization, or venue, invite their page to the event, and promote them to have admin access. What this will do is automatically add your event to their page’s event listings. When the event is added to their list, their page automatically posts the addition of the event. This will increase your event page’s exposure to multiple page’s audience’s.

Whoever is involved in organizing your event with you, create instructions, (or link them to this blog) on how they can mass invite their friends. If they are organizing the event with you but have no incentive to increase attendance, create an incentive. For example, if you are organizing an expo with a hundred businesses, email an offer to list their company as a sponsored exhibitor in the about section with a link and tag to their page, in exchange for mass inviting their friend’s list. In this example, you have now created 100 sub promoters for your event!

On-Page Event Posts

Be sure to post on your event page and to have others post consistently too to hype everyone up. No one likes to be the first to dance in an empty room. If several people appear to naturally post, then others will feel much more comfortable doing the same. For recreational or networking events, you will see many people tag their friends they want to bring.

Off-Page Event Posts

From your business page, share the event to your page with a very tailored message to make it viral. To build as much viralability as possible, do not create new shared posts of the event. Instead, continue to share the original post to all your different platforms on and off facebook.

You will see the number of shares increase because you are sharing the one post, instead of several different posts. Again with the “first to dance” metaphor, this will create the illusion that the post is popular. Eventually it will snowball and become naturally viral. If someone clicks on your post, they will see all the platforms you and others shared it on and increase exposure to these platforms.

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