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Tips that dig beneath the obvious for unpaid facebook content management.

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  1. Forming a facebook marketing plan
  2. facebook page guide
  3. facebook event page guide
  4. facebook group guide

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with your audience on a more intimate and consistent level. Similar to event pages, facebook group members receive notifications for every post you and other create and people can invite their friends. Inviting is enhanced compared to the other platforms since they will be automatically added to the group once invited.

Facebook groups emphasize community and collaborative engagement. Oftentimes, savvy businesses will not create a group just about their own business, but rather focus on creating a watering hole. What’s the difference, and which approach is better for your business?

Watering Hole Approach

For the sake of the example, I use my old event promotion company’s watering hole group page. I started this group page years ago, haven’t worked on it for just as long, and there are people still posting on it as of three days ago!

What were my business’s goals? To increase my client base of entertainment artists to work with as well as creating networking opportunities with other venues and companies. I created a group called “Concert Booking MA” that existed for the purpose of connecting event organizers with event performers. The common need for one another couldn’t be more natural. At the expense of bringing in competitor event organizers, this increased the appeal of the group. Event performers knew this was a platform that offered several options. No one wants to go to each businesses group page and ask to perform, they want to do it in one post.

Another common need of my client personas is the need to promote their events. Allowing people to promote their events on the page helped them meet this goal, boosted group engagement, and increased my leads. Every time someone shared their event in the group, I could go in the event and find other active performers to contact for my events.

The watering hole philosophy is about analyzing the needs of your client personas, and creating a platform where these needs can be met. You may be thinking your product or service is exactly what they need. This is true, but if you’ve ever been in sales, no one likes a direct approach or spammy ad all of the time. A watering hole is a natural marketing method that allows your audience to engage of their own free will.

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