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SEM is the fastest way to generate leads nowadays. You are one affordable click away from landing that big client. Estimate and track your ROI with us.

Generate Leads With SEM

What is the difference between posting a regular ad and advertising on a search engine?

Search engine ads are present when your customer in their buying journey. Traditional advertising is a guessing game. think about it; if someone is reading a newspaper, or listening to the radio, they are doing it because they want to read the news or listen to music. They are not going to these platforms to listen to the commercials or read the ads.

How do we do it?

After consulting with on which services you’re looking to get leads for, we research all the different terms that people are using to find these services. For example:

A remodeling company wants to focus on his kitchen remodeling service. We see that users searching “kitchen remodeling”, “kitchen remodeling estimate” “kitchen renovation”.

Our team doesn’t stop at simply showing your ad for these terms. Our Seo Expert see’s which terms produce the most leads for you, which terms are not working, and optimize the campaign around only the most worthwhile search terms. It’s better to put use ads that produce 200% ROI instead of 100%, right?

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Improve web traffic

Hiring a campaign manager for your Google Adwords can improve the effectiveness of your new customer acquisition.

All the largest search engines have a form of adword services which is how they monetize being a free services to for potential customers to use. The effectiveness of your campaign can often depend on your understanding of the process or your use of a Google Adwords Expert.

Core Difference between SEO and PPC

SEO is often a slower compound approach to earning traffic through a number of methods. Where as PPC (pay per click, otherwise known as adwords) advertising is more of a faster pace where you place a bid on certain keywords to deliver potential traffic to either a landing page or website.

Improve your performance

With PPC advertising, there can be a lot of technical analysis that leads to how well a campaign will perform. Even if set up properly, there is a constant analysis of the data used to run the campaign that helps with the performance.

If you are new to PPC marketing it is often less expensive to hire an Cape Cod adwords expert to run your campaign than to learn as you go.


Main reasons to hire an adwords expert

1: The time you save to focus on your business and servicing your clients/customers.

Whatever your trade is, it likely took you a good amount of time to learn it and improve upon it. Having someone consult and perform your online marketing can save you valuable time to focus on other areas of your business that require your attention.

As a business owner, there are daily tasks that you need to focus on that keeps your business running smoothly. Let us manage the growth of your customers so you can work to retain them.

2: Data points and research.

Starting a PPC campaign isn’t as simple as picking a keyword and then launching a campaign. There are research and analysis that flows heavily from both sides of the process.

– Looking into keyword analysis can bring about an insight into where the volume and competition are.

– Targeting with geo-specific data.

– A/B testing Landing Page and Copy to improve engagement and conversion

– Tracking campaign analytics and engagement

– Campaign settings (time of day, location, negative keywords, etc….)

Value in the data

With all the technical operations and literally hundreds of possible combinations of settings, there are almost endless ways to improve upon any given campaign. But understanding how to read all of this can become as overwhelming as hopping into the role of a mechanic when you want to improve the performance of your car.

3. Understanding the terminology

Being able to pull data is only worth its weight if you can analyze it with the understanding of key terms. Such as CPM, CPC, CPA, Impressions, views, hits. These and many others are all terms needed when breaking down the data to make improvements.

4. Networks and locations.

Is your business best served on a local, statewide or national level? Will you benefit from the use of affiliate or partner network? These and more questions pop up when looking into the use of Google’s vast connected network of potential ways to grow your business.

5. Landing page vs website

Do you want branding or conversions? Information to provide potential customers or engagement? How is the quality of your landing page or website?

Simple improvements on where traffic is sent can improve things like quality score which can result in lower bid consumption of your campaign.

Having a good quality score on the landing page or website your traffic is being sent to will save you money and result in better ad ranking.


These are just a few of the main reasons why you should consider hiring an Cape Cod adwords expert to run your PPC campaign.

Having someone with the experience and knowledge to effectively interpret the data retrieved with each campaign and constantly being focused on finding ways to improve it will give you the peace of mind to know you are in good hands and can focus on your business.


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