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Why go with Social Media Marketing?

Improve Your Brand With a Social Media Manager

Why choose Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the most trusted platform to market your brand these days. It’s not about who is using social media, its about how you target your audience.

Nowadays, technology has the capability to selectively narrow the audience you reach by factors such as:

– Location

– Demographic (age, gender, income, occupation, etc.)

– Interests

– Behavior

Branding is about getting the word out about your company or services, with the off chance of acquiring some leads in the process. If getting the word out is what you’re trying to accomplish, then social media marketing is for you!

Social Media Management

Don't have enough time to engage your clients on social media?

If so, then social media content management is the service for you!

Social media content management is how we started out marketing and implemented it for seven years. Beyond the optimization of your social pages, creating post schedules, and engaging your audience, we implement social media trade secrets to boost your social presence.

A lot more information can be found on our facebook marketing guide, but we are creating the equivalent of mailing lists on social media. We do this through a thorough grassroots effort of finding your audience one by one, and directing them to your page, events, groups, and your website.

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Social Media Marketing

Benefits of hiring a Social Media Managment Professional

Social media management can be difficult. Recently Harvard business review did a study of organizations that utilized social media in their marketing efforts. In this study, it was shown that less than 12% of businesses felt they were using social media effectively. This can be seen in most companies not knowing where their valuable customers are discussing them or if they are at all.

-Not knowing where their valuable customers are discussing them or if they are at all.

-How to measure if their social media is being effective.

-How to merge their participation of social media into their marketing efforts.

All this and yet 60% of companies use social media as a recruitment tool to bringing new customers into their business.

Save valuable time

When you have time to focus on managing your customer’s expectations you can vastly improve the quality of their experience. Hiring a social media expert who will add value to your social media page with engaging content such as posts, graphics and articles will offer you peace of mind knowing you are keeping current without having to come up with constant material to share. Planning a week or two out in posts can often be a valuable tool when scheduling content. Also responding to customers that engage with this content is key. This can quickly become overwhelming when considering the amount of time this can all consume.

Social Media Marketing

Improve traffic to your website

Not only will posting content to your social media page improve traffic to your Facebook, but it will also create a revenue source to your website along with improving social signals which are a healthy component of any search engine optimization strategy

Stay top of mind to your customers

By posting to social media you let your customers know you are current and engaged with things that matter most to them. You also can increase your following by giving them share worthy content to bring to their friends and family.

Reputation management of your business online

What people are saying about you on social media matters. It can either improve or hurt your business and you want to stay ahead of both potential outcomes at all times. If you have a social media manager interacting with your customers on a daily basis, this can become crucial to your online reputation. You do not want to miss what your customers are saying about you, especially when it is something open for all future customers to see.

Bring new customers into your business

People use the internet every day to make important buying decisions that impact their lives. It’s no longer only important to be seen on Google. Recent studies have found that Facebook is becoming a competitive space for businesses to grow by attracting new customers as well as keeping current customers loyal.


Improve social media engagement

The more your brand has to offer the more your potential customers will become engaged. Keeping them engaged will serve to improve customer retention as well as growth.

Keeping “social”

Most traditional businesses interpret social media as a platform to present promotions, deals, what’s new about their company, etc. Although important to do, it’s best to keep promoting conversion pieces of content to less than 20% of what you present to your audience. The rest is more conversational which helps to create a link between you and your customer.

Understanding the data

With Social Media Mangement, not everything you do has a direct link to a dollar value. Sure you can develop campaigns built around ROI, but that doesn’t always help to understand those long term, loyal customers that follow your pages because they are passionate about your brand. This is where understanding the data becomes important when considering engagement, demographics, audience targeting, etc.

Creating valuable content

Not everything in social media management relies on basic posts. It’s valuable to keep current on trends as the most consumed media can vary between memes, infographics, videos, and photos. Not just posts and articles linking back to one’s site. In fact, posting exclusively links back to your site can actually limit your reach.


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