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Most contractor companies overlook effective digital advertising.

We've got you covered.

Contractor Lead Generation

With so many options to market your services, its easy to overlook an optimal strategy.

Implementing digital marketing however, can be a strong asset to your business's marketing plan. Most likely, you're advertising your contractor services online, but what's driving potential customers to picking up the phone and calling?

At ROI Society, its our job to do just that. Generating leads, developing brand awareness, and ensuring max ROI are goals we both share.


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Why Digital for Contractor Leads?

Digital marketing has technology and efficiency that surpasses all other forms of marketing. 

No more wasting money on reaching target customers that will never utilize your service. Why would you want to pay for your marketing to reach a customer in need of landscaping when you're promoting kitchen remodeling?

Measuring Results

Digital marketing is the easiest platform to track your results and measure ROI. By defining the worth of a lead, you can match your revenue to the cost of running your ad.

 Targeting Your Perfect Audience

Digital marketing lets you target your exact audience for your company. 

We have the capability to target by location, age, demographic, interests, behaviors & more! In the contractor industry, many customers have large social media presence which qualify them to be targeted with ads.

Retarget any visitors from your website or landing pages. Retargeting produces the highest amount of return for the lowest cost. Retarget customers who visited your website but didn't make a call with a custom reminder ad!


Working with ROI Society has proven to be highly successful in regards to the quality of leads provided for home automation clients.  Due to our growth, we were awarded Control4 Diamond Dealer status in 2017, and have since become a Control4 Experience Center.

Rob Arend

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"The ROI Society team really helped me look and feel more professional. They helped increase traffic to our social media pages as well as our website. They also created a digital marketing campaign that helped us increase sales significantly Year over year. I highly recommend them."


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Optimizing Your Marketing Plan

Its not enough to set up your marketing and leave it unattended. At ROI Society, we continuously perform A/B split testing to get you the best results possible.

Ex. Ad A targets interest in kitchen remodeling and Ad B targets interest in bathroom remodeling. We shut off the lower performing ad, keep the winning ad, and retest the winner against new targeting. This ensures that we explore all possible audiences and quickly stick with the best ROI.

Ad images and ad copy are dynamically split tested, which means our system automatically determines the best creative for your campaign without skipping a beat!

Generate the best contractor leads with us.