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What is SEO?

How can SEO benefit your marketing plan?

SEO is the long-term, long-lasting approach to generating leads.

Think of SEO as building your house. It doesn’t get built overnight, but when it is finished, you now have equity on it. You can use the house for years with occasional maintenance as needed. There is always the option you can upgrade your house with various remodeling projects to improve its overall value.

The same concepts apply to search engine optimization.

We set up your website to constantly bring in leads for you. After receiving services for awhile, if you are content with the volume of leads, you can cancel the service and still receive the effects of SEO.


Don't have enough time to engage your clients on social media?

If so, then social media content management is the service for you!

Social media content management is how we started out marketing and implemented it for seven years. Beyond the optimization of your social pages, creating post schedules, and engaging your audience, we implement social media trade secrets to boost your social presence.

A lot more information can be found on our facebook marketing guide, but we are creating the equivalent of mailing lists on social media. We do this through a thorough grassroots effort of finding your audience one by one, and directing them to your page, events, groups, and your website.

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Cape Cod SEO Expert

Why Should you Invest in Search Engine Optimization for Local Cape Cod Business (SEO)?

Living on Cape Cod, MA can be difficult for most businesses. The seasonality of this coastal life we call home can lead to some serious challenges when trying to brand our businesses to visitors and tourists who maybe haven’t been exposed to all we have to offer in services and products.

That is why you need an SEO Expert to help improve your online marketing strategy. There are certainly ways to create visibility in short term results for a lead generation. But often without a compatible SEO strategy, this can fall short.

SEO has always been the most efficient way to brand your business and drive conversions to your site. But it is also a longer strategy which doesn’t lend itself to many shortcuts. Here at Cape Lead Gen, we offer an expertise and experience for our clients that can help build on both local and national levels.

Top Reasons To Hire a SEO Expert

1: SEO offers a reliable path for future clients to find your services

2: Unlike Paid advertising (TV, Radio, Print) SEO builds with a compound effect that can prove to be cost effective.

3: Search Engines are getting smarter and more efficient at aggregating content with user intent in mind.

NOTE: SEO is a compound marketing strategy aimed at increasing the viability of pages within your site to search engines as well as other content aggregators. It is not a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme.


What is considered “good” SEO (search engine optimization)?

We have all heard sales pitches from SEO companies offering to get you onto page one of Google for somewhere in the range of $100-$200 a month. As appealing as this is, and some may experience a short burst of viability, often the results fade fast and the penalty for using shady tactics with Google can not only result in a sudden crash of online traffic. But can also result in the loss of keyword rankings and even bans.

Trust me, using what is called “black hat” techniques can ruin your entire online strategy and are not worth it. More often than not, sites that try to manipulate Googles algorithm never recover rank or traffic and have to start all over again, likely with a completely new site.

At Cape Lead Gen, our SEO expert uses only what is considered “White Hat” techniques. We do this by keeping up with what is considered to be the best practices and staying current with recent algorithm updates. Search Engine Optimization is often very technical and takes the time to build. But the reward is something that can grow your business and online marketing strategy for years to come.

How Search Engines Work

Google, by all means, is a profit generating machine that has pay to play platforms like Adwords where you can come up for results fast by sponsoring content for certain keywords. For the user side though, it is a free service. Much like any search engine before it, you enter in a query and Google responds with a list of relevant results based on factors sorted out by its algorithm.

Sounds easy enough. Though the algorithm is a complex, mathematical formula that is constantly updated and refined to better serve the best results for those using it.

No one really knows for sure the full particulars of the algorithm, so be careful of anyone who guarantee’s a ranking result.

Following the General Guidelines of Google will help improve a site and pave way for new customers to find your business. This not only includes keeping void of using black hat techniques. But also means making sure your site is searchable through all verticals while using only best practices.

There are a lot of things you should avoid when creating a site that is highlighted in the general guidelines. Keeping this front of mind is another reason why using an SEO expert who works in an ethical manner is essential to your online success.


Off Page vs. On Page SEO

Lastly, it is important to understand the difference between off-page and on-page optimization. The work our SEO expert does on a page is not always something visible. Sure there is the importance of using viable keywords on any given page that can help improve the volume of traffic a site may experience while maintaining content intended for users, not just search engines.

Though there are ways to improve the site through metadata and indexing that make the site easier to be found by Google. Our SEO Expert also understands and uses geo-targeting methods to make sure your business is being found on the local level.

Keeping a constant flow of new content is important to any site. Just as syndication of content and directing of traffic is also important. Which is where building site authority can be very effective.

Our SEO Expert will work on signals to your site that improves in the following areas:

– Domain Factors

– Page-Level Factors

– Site-Level Factors

– Backlink Factors

– User Interaction

– Algorithmic Rules

– Social Signals

– Brand Signals

– On-Site Webspam Factors

– Off Page Webspam Factors


It is estimated that Google uses 200+ factors when considering a site. To what extent and the importance placed in each factor is unknown. But the more you work with an SEO Expert over time, the more visible your site will become. Which is why choosing Cape Lead Gen for your SEO is a solid partnership.


We service clients in:

Bourne, Falmouth, Sandwich, Mashpee, Barnstable, Hyannis, Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster, Harwich, Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown MA. All the towns of Cape Cod Massachusetts